In her compelling life story, Dr. Angela Kalender reminds us that God is always with us, even when it seems like we are alone.  As her story unfolds, Angela tells how she was able to see God in the darkest of times and how He kept her in the midst of unimaginable pain and suffering.  Angela could not recall a life without abuse. She describes her real life "Cinderella story" with a cruel stepmother, to facing rape and enduring years of severe domestic abuse. Today, having overcome many obstacles and much adversity, Angela's only desire is to bring God glory by sharing her testimony of His goodness.This is a story of survival and faith through the keeping power of God and the redemptive Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Kalender will design a program to fit your health needs. We also provide natural alternatives to medication, and can help you with nutrition, weight management, stress management and overall wellness.

"Nature is the best physician."    

​                                Hippocrates

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